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Term Life Protection

  • A term assurance policy never acquires a cash or surrender value.

  • Cover ceases at the end of the term of the policy, or earlier if you stops paying premiums

  • The policy term can be from 1 yr. upwards to maybe 35 or 40 years. Most life companies have an upper ending age for temporary assurance cover, which is usually 75 or 80.

  • The premium is fixed at the outset and currently varies according to the:

_ type of cover required.

_ level of cover required.

_ Additional or ‘rider’ optional benefits that may be chosen you.

_ term of cover required,

_ age of the life assured,

_ smoker/non smoker status of the life assured

_ health status of the life assured

Listed below are the other types of cover available to you, click on each one for a description:

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